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Cranston is located in Providence County, Rhode Island and is the state's third largest city. Richwith history, Cranston is known as the hub of Rhode Island's greatest 19th century industrial empire.

Cranston's history dates back to 1874 before it was incorporated as a city in 1910. The Pawtuxet Village, one of New England's oldest communities, used to be home to mills and shipping ports, but is now one of Cranston's most popular attractions. Pawtuxet Village now has shops and restaurants which are surrounded by historical architecture including old Colonial homes.

Cranston is also home to the the oldest yacht club on Narragansett Bay, the Rhode Island Yacht Club, which has been standing since 1875. The building has withstood multiple hurricanes and is open year­round.

Today, Cranston is considered a desirable place to live and was voted one of the best cities to live in the United States by 24/7 Wall St. The website dubbed Cranston the 36th best in the country after taking into account a variety of factors such as household income, unemployment rate, home values, crime and commuter time.

Due to its historical background, Cranston has a variety of real estate styles from Classical to Contemporary. Historical styles such as Federal, Georgian Revival, and Late Victorian Domestic can be seen, as well as more updated styles such as Colonial-which is very popular around the city. A variety of homes for sale are available in different price ranges and styles and is sure to meet any budget and family size.

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More About Cranston

Cranston is the third largest city in Rhode Island. It is a vibrant suburban community that boasts rural areas on the city's western side, and the Narragansett Bay shoreline on the city's eastern side.


Housing ranges from large apartment complexes to new neighborhoods of single-family homes on several acres. Close to water and replete with architectural character this area has a great deal of potential for creating a home to call your own.


Cranston has numerous neighborhoods and villages: Arlington, Auburn, Dean Estates, Eden Park, Edgewood (also in Providence), Fiskeville (also in Scituate), Forest Hills, Garden City, Garden Hills, Hillside Farms, Hope, Knightsville, Meshanticut Park, Oaklawn, Pontiac, Sockanosset, Stadium, Thornton, Pawtuxet (also in Warwick), Washington Park (also in Providence), West Arlington and Woodridge.

Pawtuxet Village, one of the oldest communities in the state, is a section which acts as a hub between Cranston, Providence, and Warwick. Settlers were attracted to the area for its water power potential, and "Pawtuxet" does roughly translate to "little falls". Pawtuxet Cove was an ideal harbor and today the village remains a very charming community of Colonial and Victorian homes gathered together by the waterfront. It's one of Rhode Island's great, tucked away spots where both visitors and residences may enjoy its rich history, and true spirit of Americana.

Edgewood is an ideal location for many. It borders Cranston, Providence, Warwick, Pawtuxet and Narragansett Bay. It's a suburban neighborhood that also borders Providence's Roger Williams Park, a blissful spot with lovingly crafted decorative gazebos, endearing little ponds and bridges, and its story-like carousel; not to mention the nationally recognized Roger Williams Park Zoo. The neighborhood features broad, tree-lined streets and is known for its many large and beautiful turn-of-the-century Victorian homes. Edgewood is also home to Port Edgewood and the Pawtuxet Cove Marinas.

The Elmwood, South Elmwood, and Washington Park neighborhoods abut Roger Williams Park and offer a range of housing from Capes to grand Victorians. Buyers drawn by the proximity to the Park and the affordability have looked to this area for 'fixer-uppers' as well as the spacious rooms that many of these homes offer.

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